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I specialise in ‘Solo’ walks meaning its only your own dog or dogs that are walked at the one time, allowing me to tailor a walk to suit them.


I understand the different needs a dog has, some dogs like a ‘sniffari’ where they can take their own time, exploring the world through their nose. Maybe it’s a run up the hills your dog wants, then that is where we go. Or perhaps they prefer their own space and would rather not meet other dogs when on walks, I can cater for that too.


Dedicating a walk, solely to your dog means you can be rest assured that your dog has all my attention.


I am passionate about my dog’s health and wellbeing and know the benefits a natural diet can bring. My own patterdale terrier has always been an avid chewer and from the start I provided him with ‘legal’ chews, thereby saving my chair and table legs. I use only natural chews, beef muscle, deer legs, tracheas amongst other things. During the first lockdown, I was unable to source these chews as I normally would and set about sourcing suppliers, buying from wholesalers, and setting up a small delivery service to others in the area that also wanted good, wholesome natural chews. Our ‘Mystery Bags’ prove extremely popular for their variety of included chews and treats.

We also are proud to be the only supplier of Eden Holistic Pet Foods in Mid Argyll and the west coast of Scotland, north of Glasgow. An amazing range of dog and cat foods, containing no gluten, grain, bulkers, or fillers. It is based on the Ancestral Diet of the dog, containing real, freshly prepared meat, organic minerals and herbs, fruit & veg. We can provide gourmet 80/20 (80% meat, 20% fruit &veg), a working dog food in a dry kibble, Wet food cans and a semi moist 60/40 kibble. It is the highest rated dry food on the independent comparison site   We can keep a small amount of this in stock, but it is best to order monthly for delivery to your door. For all the benefits of Eden foods, please phone or speak to us or check out their website