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We started the business in 2019 with a view to providing as safe and reliable business to care for your pets when you need it most. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure your pets are cared for with little or short notice, or during unexpected times. 

We always have your pets best welfare, and your piece of mind at the heart of what we do


I am a fully insured dog walker. I will always take the best care of your pets, but accidents can happen and I have it covered.

Your details and keys, if I have them are kept separate, and your keys unmarked ensuring no one can make a connection. Should your keys become lost or broken, I am covered through my insurance for this.

Dog theft is on the rise and every day is see social media posts relating to this. Your dog will never be left alone while in my care, and only allowed off lead if I have your permission. I will protect your dogs as I would my own.

Your dogs will always be transported in a locked van, either in suitable sized crates, or on a seat belt harness. I always carry fresh water in the van for a drink after a walk and towels to dry your dog if they have had a cooling swim.



I am happy to supply any of my sourced treats in larger quantities than shown online. Please contact me directly if this is something your intrested in


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Offline Payments

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